South Beekota Russian Bees & Pure Raw Honey & Beeswax Candles
Golden Valley Apiaries L.L.C. is a family owned and operated,
Belvidere, South Dakota based "Bee" business. South Beekota
is the trademark of Golden Valley's retail product line.
Our primary products are pure raw "sweet clover" honey with
candle making, pollination and
Russian bee sales for additional
income. This natural, raw honey is made from predominately
yellow "sweet clover" plants.

The photos you see in the slide show are of Chris Baldwin, the
"bee guy", working a number of "sweet clover" bee yards.
Golden Valley Apiary's  bee yard locations cover five West River,
South Dakota counties. This area produces an extremely thick,
light colored, and mild flavored honey, which makes the carefully
packaged, raw and unfiltered product  of  the company's South
Beekota label. Our goal is to be chemical free and develop a
strain of bees with survivor capabilities to move toward
sustainable agriculture.
Wife and candlemaker, Terry, with a generous supply of honey
and beeswax, coordinates the production of South Beekota's
simple,aromatic, and tasty line of products. Both Terry and the
'Bee Guy" believe in their pure, raw, and natural honey and
beeswax products. There are no perfumes, additives, or bleach
used. We do not micro-filter or pasteurize the honey thus it
retains its natural healthful qualities.

We produce West River, SD  honey and beeswax. South Beekota
offers honey in a 1lb. table squeeze, 3lb. refill jug, and 22oz.
canning jar. Check out our
Honey Store page to order.
Check our Honey Store for our
Unheated, Unscreened, Raw Honey Products in gift  boxes.
Just south of South Beekota's headquarters is the White River
'breaks' and your first glimpse of the Badlands of South Dakota.
South Dakota.  Travellers flying down Interstate 90 to better
known sites like Mount Rushmore, the Badlands National Park,
the annual Sturgis Harley-Davidson Motorcycle Rally, even on to

Perhaps you would even enjoy joining us on a
Country Beeyard
of our rural area. (By appointment only).

Terry's personal passion is the history of old homes, such as
Grace's House, in the once thriving town of Belvidere, which is
open to families looking for that 'something different' in their
Family Vacation. Belvidere is a short 30 minute trip to the
Badlands, and several family friendly attractions featured on our
See the Sights page under Vacation  Home.
South Beekota is the registered trademark of Golden Valley Apiaries L.L.C..

Learn more about
Chris' work in developing,
promoting, and selling
strong bee colonies
resistant to"mite syndrome"
With his survivor stock bees.